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Make Bookkeeping Tasks Easier with a Schedule

If you break bookkeeping down into small and scheduled tasks, then it’s simple to stay on top of things. We suggest setting calendar reminders for yourself and your staff. Here’s how we suggest breaking down your bookkeeping tasks. These recommendations are geared for a service-based business that sends invoices
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Small Business Tips

Throughout the years we’ve had a couple of small businesses. Yeah, it can be a huge headache and a bit overwhelming, but there’s a couple of tips we thought to share with you to help ease the pain! 1. Get a computer. This should be obvious. Everything is done online and through email these days. […]
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Home Office Tax Deduction

The home office tax deduction is real. You’ve probably never used it, but you’ve heard of it because your buddy said his former college roommate who started a web design studio in his basement uses it. But whether you work at home for someone else or for yourself, you may qualify for this deduction. Your […]
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